Lesson plan for 1-29 to 2-2

January 29 to February 2 Students will explore the diversity of the human species. Small groups will research the ethic, religious, social, makeup of the people of the following regions or nations. India, China, Italy, Angola, Russia. Students will discuss their findings and attempt to reach out to a school in 2 of the regions to correspond with. Movie Star Trek DS9 The Emissary.

Lesson plan for Jan 4 -12

January 4 to 12. 7 What is Psychology. Students will discover how Psychology provides insight into human behavior and will learn of different psychological disorders including Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, Schizophrenia, Dementia, and Eating disorders. Students will understand how they interfere with normal human interactions. Text book chapter 1, small group research over disorders, Movie of the week is What about Bob