Lesson Plan 11-26 to 12-7

We will be using a made for TV mini series Under the Dome to psychologically analyze the decision and actions of the key characters. The following psychological factors will be tracked and discussed for each of theĀ  characters. Motivations, Dreams and Perceptions, Emotional development, and Reactions to stress. Students will also identify and discuss Conflict and cooperation patterns and how these patterns relate to the above psychological factor. Student will identify their own built in prejudices in how they form opinions of the characters in the first few moments of the program and then discuss how and why their initial impressions change or solidify over time.

Lesson Plan 1-8 to 10-12

Monday-Wednesday finish Research paper on Complaining Students will demonstrate the ability to research peer reviewed professional sources, create a thesis, present supporting arguments and evidence to support the thesis, and present a well laid out paper for review and discussion.

Thursday-Friday Motivation and Emotion Chapter 12 and the 2017 Ironman Triathlon will be used to gain an understanding of the correlation of emotions and motivation.

Lesson Plan for 9-10 to 9-14

This week we will have a discussion over the events of 911 and the global war on terrorism. Students will watch Flight 93 and discuss the cause and effect relationship of terror, political and global decision, international political intervention. Much of or discussions will be to help students understand how people deal with new paradigms and can be influenced by beliefs, prejudices, and long held perceptions.