Lesson Plan 11-26 to 12-7

We will be using a made for TV mini series Under the Dome to psychologically analyze the decision and actions of the key characters. The following psychological factors will be tracked and discussed for each of theĀ  characters. Motivations, Dreams and Perceptions, Emotional development, and Reactions to stress. Students will also identify and discuss Conflict and cooperation patterns and how these patterns relate to the above psychological factor. Student will identify their own built in prejudices in how they form opinions of the characters in the first few moments of the program and then discuss how and why their initial impressions change or solidify over time.

Lesson Plan 1-8 to 10-12

Monday-Wednesday finish Research paper on Complaining Students will demonstrate the ability to research peer reviewed professional sources, create a thesis, present supporting arguments and evidence to support the thesis, and present a well laid out paper for review and discussion.

Thursday-Friday Motivation and Emotion Chapter 12 and the 2017 Ironman Triathlon will be used to gain an understanding of the correlation of emotions and motivation.

Lesson Plan 9-17 to 9-21

This week we will learn and discuss Brain Function and Perception Tied to chapters 7 and 8 of the test book. We will start with the Movie Phenomenon.

Monday Phenomenon

Tuesday Phenomenon

Wednesday Phenomenon Followed by a discussion on the perceptions, prejudices, and fears of the key characters.

Thursday Discussion over Altered states of consciousness and the effects of sleep, drugs, and meditation

Friday Discussion of sensory differences and adaptation

Lesson Plan for 9-10 to 9-14

This week we will have a discussion over the events of 911 and the global war on terrorism. Students will watch Flight 93 and discuss the cause and effect relationship of terror, political and global decision, international political intervention. Much of or discussions will be to help students understand how people deal with new paradigms and can be influenced by beliefs, prejudices, and long held perceptions.

Welcome to Psychology

Welcome Students and Parents
I have the honor of being your Psychology Teacher this semester and I am looking forward to a great semester. Fist let me go over some of the normal classroom procedures #1 be on time ready for what we are covering in class. #2 only school supplied electronic devices are to be used in class Cell Phones will be placed at the entrance to the classroom at the start of class and retrieved at the end of class. #3 your work is your responsibility be aware of due dates and school events that may interfere with due dates speak to me in advance of any planned absences so we can work out a makeup schedule. #4 school rules are classroom rules enough said. #5 this is not nap class if you are tired, bored, etc. stand up if you are sick please see the Nurse, (if your head is on the desk and eyes closed you are asleep). With these things said I understand we all have bad days and I can be understanding IF you speak to me ahead of time family emergencies, and the stress of life can be a reason but are not excuses.
This year we will explore the science of psychology which is the study of behavior and mental processes. We will seek to gain an understanding of how and why people think, feel and act as they do. I intend for this class to be interactive and entertaining we will use textbook vocabulary, movies, individual research, and classroom discussions, as tools to assist us to gain a deeper understanding into human thoughts, fears, and emotions.
This class will be divided into 2 9-week units each unit will have three tests, 6 quizzes, one project, three participation grades and one extra credit assignment. Your final test will be comprehensive covering all the material included in the 9-week period. The participation grade is based on your contributions to the class be prepared to justify and defend your expected grade, showing up for class is not participation. The extra credit will provide up to 25 points of extra credit which will be assigned to ONE grade of my choosing. I will attempt to determine where its placement will provide you with the greatest benefit. Please be advised up 25 points does not mean 25 points. Your project will be assigned about week three, and will be based on a psychology topic, disorder, condition, or theory, you will conduct research on the topic and submit a written paper between 3 to 5 pages double spaced with references and a short classroom presentation of the topic and your findings.
Participation grades count as daily grades
Quizzes count as daily grades
Tests count as test grades
The Project will count as 2 test grades, one based on the research paper portion and the second on your classroom presentation, rubrics will be provided.
Class schedule for the first 9 weeks Unit 1
Aug 16- 24 Introduction to Psychology and disorders, Chapter 1, and 16. Students will learn the vocabulary of both chapters. Students will watch the movie What about Bob and relate the situations depicted in the movie with what they have learned about the profession of Psychology and Psychological disorders.
Aug 27- Sept 7 This section will deal with adulthood, old age, and personal relationships, Chapters 5 and 18. Students will learn the vocabulary from both chapters. Students will watch the Movie On Golden Pond they will relate what they learned from the vocabulary to the movie and reflect on their own personal family relationships.
Sept. 10-21 This section will deal with the human brain, its function, structure, and human perceptions. Students will learn chapters 6 and 8 vocabulary, Students will watch the movie Phenomenon then relate what they have learned about perception, prejudice, and brain structure to the theme of the movie.
Sept 24- Oct 5th This section we will focus on Motivations, Emotions, Stress and Health. Students will study the vocabulary of chapters 12 and 15. Students will watch the Movie they Day After (1983) following the movie students will discuss the emotions and motivations of the characters involved.
Oct 8-19 This section will deal with alcohol dependency, attitudes, prejudices, and persuasion, and personal relationships. Students will learn the vocabulary of chapters 16 and 20 .16 is a repeat, Student will watch the movie Arthur and be prepared to discuss the effects of alcohol abuse, personal relationships and persuasion.
I am looking forward to a great semester please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Clifford Barnes
Social Studies Teacher WOHS.
Phone 903-291-2049
[email protected]

Movie List
What about Bob PG 1:39
On Golden Pond (1981) PG 1:49
Phenomenon (1996) PG 2:06
The Day After (1983) TV movie 2:07
Arthur (1981) PG 1:38